Participation and Governance

Can I get involved and participate in the more advanced features of the mutual?

Yes, absolutely. Please refer to our How to Participate page for further information.

What is the governance model?

Initially, we have a member token-voting process overseen by an advisory board (comprised of experts from the worlds of insurance, mutual management and smart contract security). Note that any member can replace an Advisory Board member via a vote at any time.
Any member may delegate their vote to any other member with rewards available for participating in governance actions.
For more information see our blog post on DAO Governance​.

How decentralised is Nexus Mutual?

We believe that pragmatic trade-offs are OK to start with. Therefore, in the interest of launching a viable product—as well as ensuring the security of the smart contracts —Nexus Mutual will launch with some aspects that are not fully decentralised. These will be reduced over time as the system becomes battle-tested and gains scale.