Nexus Mutual for Smart Contract Auditors

How can Nexus Mutual be used by smart contract auditors?

If you want to offer a premium service to your clients and/or earn more from audit work you have already completed, Nexus Mutual can be used to achieve this.
If your client wants to purchase Protocol Cover with Nexus Mutual, you can earn rewards by staking against that protocol.
How it works:
  1. 1.
    You audit your client’s contracts as usual.
  2. 2.
    You stake on Nexus Mutual against your client's protocol.
  3. 3.
    When your client purchases cover, you earn rewards.
Benefits for You:
  • You earn additional rewards on the Nexus Mutual platform.
  • You differentiate yourselves from the competition by putting your money where your mouth is.
Benefits for Your Client:
  • They have greater confidence in the security of their contracts.
  • They or their users can buy cover from Nexus Mutual at reduced prices.
  • They can market the extra steps taken to their community.
Your clients can also show they have skin in the game by taking out Protocol Cover to prove their confidence in the security of their own smart contracts.

Want to learn more about Risk Assessment with Nexus Mutual?

If you think a protocol or custodian is secure, you can stake NXM tokens against it. Simply choose a specific protocol or custodian, stake any number of NXM tokens and become a Risk Assessor.
When cover is purchased, that platform’s Risk Assessors share in commission equal to 50% of the cover premium. If there is a claim, Risk Assessors stakes will be burned on a proportional basis up to the claim amount.
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