Nexus Financials
Information about the mutual's on-chain financial statements and current investment holdings.

Living Financial Statements

Nexus Mutant Elias Simos applied for and received a 100 NXM community grant to build a P&L and Balance Sheet on Dune Analytics for the mutual.
For more detailed information on Elias' grant, you can read the Case Studies: Successful Grants and Record of Grant Applications sections.

P&L, Balance Sheet, and Key Metrics: Real Time Financial Reporting

The Dune Analytics Dashboard that Elias' created is an incredible tool for the mutual and its members. Anyone can review the mutual's up-to-date financial statements using this dashboard.
Elias Simos made an announcement on 30 June 2021 that the dashboard was live.
Note: This dashboard needs to be updated, as it is currently broken. Until it is updated by a Dune wizard within our community, it is not a reliable source of data.
If you are a Dune wizard who wants to help us update this Dashboard, reach out to BraveNewDeFi#0027 in the Nexus Discord.

Capital Pool Investments

Investing the Capital Pool in stETH

6 May 2021 | The Investment Hub posted a proposal on the forum to discuss staking 15,000 ETH in Lido Finance to turn a portion of the capital pool into productive assets. After the community discussed this proposal, the proposal was put to a formal governance vote.

Proposal 140: Invest some of the mutuals funds in LIDO stETH

Members voted in favour of Proposal 140, and 14,997.9999 ETH was staked in Lido Finance, which added 14,998 stETH to the mutual's capital pool.

Increase the Allocation of the Capital Pool to stETH

17 September 2021 | The Investment Hub posted a proposal to increase the allocation of Nexus Mutual’s capital pool to stETH from the then 15,248 stETH held in the capital pool to 30,000 stETH, representing 18.5% of the total capital pool.

Proposal 157: Increase the capital pool allocation to stETH

Members voted in favour of Proposal 157, and 14,713.2999 ETH was staked in Lido Finance, which added 14,713.30 stETH to the capital pool.

Current Investment Earnings

Lido Finance has a Reward History tool that anyone can use to see how many stETH have been earned from their staked ETH. You can enter the mutual's capital pool address into the Rewards History tool to see the total earnings from the stETH held in the capital pool.
Lido Finance Rewards History:

Other Ways to Track Nexus Mutual Key Metrics

In addition to the indispensable dashboard above, there are other tools mutual members can use to track key metrics for Nexus Mutual: