Mutant Meetups


Every week, Mutant Marketing contributors host a community call on Tuesdays at 10am EST / 2pm UTC where community updates are shared and the commuity can discuss all things Nexus Mutual in an open forum.
These calls are hosted in the Nexus Mutual Discord within the Community Calls Voice Channel. Ahead of the call every week, the agenda and any relevants links or notes are shared in the Community Calls text channel.
Everyone is welcome to join, stay informed on the latest updates, discuss important issues facing the mutual, and ask questions about the mutual on these calls.
Mutant Meetup calls were established in September 2021 to create greater transparency within the DAO and to provide regular updates from the core team.
The archive below is for the recordings hosted on Loom. We've since moved Mutant Meetup recordings to the Nexus Mutual YouTube channel.


Below is an archive of past Mutant Meetup calls.