Partnership Grants

A list of successful grant applications to establish partnerships with Nexus Mutual to date, with their status and Snapshot record (if applicable), is presented below:
Dedaub <-> Nexus Mutual Collaboration Proposal
We can detect all contracts that are part of each covered protocol and group them automatically (under human supervision). Subsequently, we can analyze the contracts and display warnings of vulnerabilities (or proto-vulnerabilities, i.e., components that when put together can make a service vulnerable). The static warnings will be combined with queries on environmental conditions (e.g., approvals and balances in past transactions, state of initialization of a contract, storage contents) to produce reports that can point to security issues. We will also maintain a contact database for each covered protocol. If a vulnerability is detected in a live system, we will contact the appropriate project team.
If Dedaub discloses vulnerabilities to partner protocols and receives bug bounty payouts, they have agreed to split bug bounties 75/25 (Dedaub/Nexus) up to 50% of annual cost.
Category: Technical Improvements/Capability | $20k per month
Nexus Mutual Community Fund <> Immunefi Matching Program Partnership
A list of pre-determined Nexus Mutual covered protocols will be eligible for the matching program. Nexus Mutual will determine eligibility requirements at their discretion. This list is subject to review and renewal every 3 months, to evaluate efficacy and control costs. Immunefi will reach out to eligible projects to set them up with bug bounty programs and the matching program, handling all day to day operations.
Category: Technical improvements/capability | 2500 NXM (if vulnerability is discovered/matched)