Grant Application Process

Overview | Guidelines | Impact Matrix


Members that wish to contribute can submit a grant proposal. The proposal process is described below. Once a proposal is discussed and listed for a Snapshot vote, the community will decide on whether or not to accept the proposal.


  • Anyone can apply for a Nexus Treasury grant by filling in this form.
  • Projects should benefit the growth and development of the mutual but aren't limited otherwise - examples could include anything from writing to videos to building on top of Nexus and beyond.
  • The team will review and make a comment on how proposed projects would help develop the mutual - this will be uploaded onto the Nexus community forum for open discussion with the community.
  • Then we'll list a community snapshot vote.
  • If the proposal passes our team of multi sig guardians will sign tx to distribute NXM as agreed on an individual project basis.
  • We'll work with the person/team behind the proposal.
  • Our team will put forward projects we think would fit with our roadmap and list them in our Discord, on Twitter and further down this page.
  • If in doubt get in touch with the team to have a quick chat about your idea.

Impact matrix

All proposals will be considered based on their potential impact on the mutual.
  1. 1.
    Awareness/education Projects that seek to grow awareness of Nexus in the wider community and to help members understand how the mutual works. Examples could include writing docs, newsletters, producing videos, memes, NFTs.
  2. 2.
    Distribution/sales Projects that focus on b2b partnerships or increase distribution of cover at the source of the primary purchase (ie, on DeFi apps). Examples could includes building a distributor on top of Nexus, integrations with other projects, or designing new products.
  3. 3.
    Technical improvements/capability Projects that seek to expand functionality of the mutual or development of new products. Examples could include contributing to open source code, designing user interfaces, building a reinsurance layer or constructing bundled yield bearing and protected products.
All proposals will be considered based on their impact vs effort score from the matrix below.
Impact Effort
5.very high
4. high
5. very high