Case Studies: Successful Grants

Record of successful applications and project details
Here we will list all successful applicants, their projects and how they helped to grow the mutual.
Improved the UI/UX for the Nexus Wrapper application.
Making it easier and less scary to interact with wNXM by improving UX and giving an alternative to the long Arweave address.
Category: Technical Improvements/Capability | 100 NXM
Building Dune Analytics Dashboard for Nexus P&L and Balance Sheet
Cutting through the economics of Nexus is difficult and this Dune dashboard will provide a streamlined protocol P&L and Balance Sheet that will help educate existing and future members.
Category: Awareness/Education | 100 NXM
Badger Dao article that led to massive cover buys for Nexus.
Article and surrounding educational effort was a larger contributor to the Badger DAO cover buys. Articles can be used as a blueprint for other communities.
Category: Distribution/Sales | 100 NXM
Collaboration/Contribution to Nexus Mutual Docs
Updating docs is a large task, that is very valuable from an educational perspective but hard to prioritise as a small team.
The core team has benefited greatly from having a community member take on the work but also help clarify areas that have led to confusion.
Category: Awareness/Education | 100 NXM
Catastrophe Risk Opportunity Report: A Billion Dollar Opportunity
The traditional insurance markets are ripe for disruption due to lack of adoption of new technology and large inefficiencies. Chris proposed a community grant to evaluate how Nexus Mutual could compete with and disrupt traditional insurance markets.
This grant will enable Chris to evaluate how Nexus could offer cover on more traditional assets starting specifically with earthquake insurance due it’s high premiums, low market capacity (meaning fewer competitors and higher demand), and relative ease of evaluating and paying claims.
Category: Distribution/sales | 200 NXM