Nexus Treasury
The Nexus Treasury (formerly, the Community Fund) is in place to support our community to bring their skills and experience to growing and developing the mutual.


The idea for the Nexus Treasury (formerly, the Community Fund) originated from a member’s post in the Nexus Mutual forum. After the idea was discussed, Proposal #116 was voted on and passed by Members to form a Community Fund multi-sig and to mint 250,000 NXM for the Nexus Treasury to use for grants.
The Nexus Treasury multi-sig participants were decided through a Snapshot vote. The community voted for the following members to act as the Nexus Treasury multi-sig participants:
The multi-sig signers will sign off on, but not decide, which proposals pass and do not pass. They will enact the will of the wider Nexus community who can vote with their NXM.
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