Nexus Writers Programme


As we expand our marketing initiatives within Mutant Marketing, we need writers to help us create a protocol-specific knowledge base and create marketing materials directed at partner protocol communities.

Nexus Writers

Mutant Marketing is made up of two departments: the marketing department and the communications department. While there is overlap between the two, our Hub will have a need for both technical writers and copywriters.
The short-term goal of the Nexus Writers Programme is to create a protocol-specific knowledge base for Nexus Community Ambassadors. Writers will work to answer more technical questions regarding risk in smart contract systems and describe how the mutual’s cover products protect against those risks. These writers will also assist in creating the forum proposals to establish Nexus Embassies within our target protocols.
The long-term goal is to have the communication department of Mutant Marketing to serve other Hubs within Nexus Mutual. Maintaining the knowledge base will always be a core duty, but assisting other Hubs, writing how-to guides for users, etc., will be greater duties that this Hub can manage.