Nexus Embassy Programme

The benefits of having a Nexus Community Ambassador and Nexus Embassy within your Discord server.


With the Nexus Embassy Programme, the mutual can appeal to and capture more risk averse users within DeFi, while increasing listed protocols' TVL/AUM.
Many higher value participants will not deploy funds into DeFi unless they can hedge against smart contract and technical risks. Through our Nexus Community Ambassador Programme, the mutual can identify a community participant who is both a member of the mutual and an active participant in a listed protocol's community. The mutual can provide such a member with the training necessary to certify them as a Nexus Community Ambassador who can educate your users on the mutual's cover products and provide users with a way to hedge against smart contract risks. In turn, this gives users the confidence to deploy larger sums within a protocol.
Nexus Mutual has 82 listed protocols and that number will grow as we list new protocols each quarter. The mutual is proud to have the greatest number of listed protocols within the DeFi cover market, and going forward, our community wants to strengthen the relationships the mutual has with our listed protocols.
As the DeFi ecosystem grows and matures, the mutual believes Inter-DAO Coordination will be a crucial component to long-term success.


When a listed protocol works with Nexus Mutual to open a Nexus Embassy, they receive:
  • A dedicated Nexus Community Ambassador to answer users' questions about risk and the protections included with the mutual's cover products. The mutual pays Ambassadors a stipend, and this service comes at no cost to a listed protocol.
  • A community member who can share the security benefits that come along with being listed on Nexus Mutual:
  • An advocate for their protocol within the Nexus Mutual community.
  • Inter-DAO communication and coordination through the designated Nexus Community Ambassador.
Our marketing working group will promote and highlight our Nexus Embassies throughout DeFi, and if a listed protocol has an Embassy, they will benefit from our Nexus Embassy Marketing Campaign. We will highlight our Nexus Embassies across Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. This programme will be highlighted during Mutant Meetups, our weekly community call, and when the mutual hosts a Twitter Spaces event, we will promote our Nexus Embassy Programme.

How to Establish an Embassy

There are several ways to establish a Nexus Embassy within your protocol's Discord server.
Add a Nexus Embassy Channel with Your Discord. By creating a separate channel within your Discord server, you are giving your Nexus Community Ambassador a forum to answer questions, provide resources about the security benefits the mutual provides to your protocol, and have discussions regarding the risk cover provides protection against. A separate channel allows Ambassadors to answer questions without disrupting the flow of your community's general conversation.
Dedicate Time Slots for Nexus Community Ambassadors to Answer Cover-Related Questions. Most Discord servers have a dedicated AMA Channel, and this can be a space where Nexus Community Ambassadors can answer cover-related questions at schedule times throughout the week. Utilising existing channels can provide your Nexus Community Ambassador a designated place within your server to field questions, provide support, and educate users about your protocol and the benefits of Nexus coverage.
Create a Nexus Community Ambassador Role with Your Server to Identify Ambassadors. By creating a role that is visible on the right-hand side of the Discord app, you can signal to your users that a Nexus Community Ambassador is verified and available to assist them with questions about covering their assets. This can help create greater awareness of the programme and allow your Ambassador to promote the benefits of the programme, which include added security for your protocol.

Who Staffs an Embassy

Nexus Embassies are staffed by Nexus Community Ambassadors: mutual members who are active participants within your protocol. Members join Nexus Mutual for the ability to protect their productive assets, and we have members active across the DeFi ecosystem. By providing our members with a stipend and the resources they need to be successful Ambassadors within their protocol's community, Nexus Mutual is able to provide active support within listed protocol communities.
For more information, you can review the Nexus Community Ambassador Programme page.