Nexus Community Ambassador Programme


Our members are active in other protocol communities outside of Nexus Mutual. DeFi users join Nexus for the benefits that come with membership. Chief among those benefits—the ability to buy cover for deposits earning yield in other smart contract systems.
The Nexus Community Ambassador Programme’s purpose is to strengthen existing partnerships and create new ones to drive growth in cover sales and membership. As the blue chip choice for cover in DeFi, it is our duty to build strong relationships with DAOs, protect more users from smart contract risk, and mitigate the economic impact of smart contract failure. For this reason, we are making alliances across DeFi to open Nexus Embassies to staff with Nexus Community Ambassadors.
Offering Discord server-level support in other communities is an excellent way to create greater awareness about our cover products and the value of membership within the mutual. At the same time, we are protecting partner protocols and their users by mitigating the downside effects of any potential exploits, which will reduce the amount of funds lost.
To run this programme, we need members who are passionate about their community and Nexus Mutual. We want to cover a greater percentage of DeFi deposits and protect users in our partner protocols that are listed on Nexus.

Nexus Embassies

Our Nexus Community Ambassadors will work with the Hub Lead and prepare proposals to establish a Nexus Embassy within their protocol community’s Discord server.
Mutant Marketing will work with Community Ambassadors to field any questions or set up AMA sessions to discuss the benefits of a Nexus Embassy.
For more information, you can review the Nexus Embassy Programme page.

Established Embassies

We currently have Nexus Community Ambassadors who are actively assisting their community in the following Discord servers:

Initial Target Protocol Communities

We are seeking Ambassadors for the following protocol communities:
  • Aave Protocol
  • Alpha Finance Lab
  • Compound Finance
  • Curve Finance
  • Idle Finance
  • Yearn Finance
If you are an active member in any of these communities, please consider applying for a Nexus Community Ambassador role.