Mutant Marketing

Working Group Contacts

Mutant Marketing Lead: Lee | BraveNewDeFi Twitter: Discord: BraveNewDeFi#0027 Telegram: @BraveNewDeFi Forum Post Snapshot Vote Mutant Marketing Advisor: Jeremy | Jer979 Twitter: Discord: Jésus#2389 Forum Post Snapshot Vote
Nexus Mutual Discord:

Founding Proposals

Hub Charter


Marketing Strategy & Key Results


The purpose of Mutant Marketing is to grow membership of the mutual.
The aim of Mutant Marketing is to accelerate membership growth rates by creating new demand for Nexus cover products.
Mutant Marketing’s communication arm will create knowledge-based resources to empower the Marketing arm and, in time, support other Hubs within Nexus Mutual.


Establish Nexus Mutual as the perceived blue-chip cover provider in DeFi.

Measuring Success: Key Metrics

Baseline Data (as of 19 July 2021)
Number of Nexus Mutual Members
Percentage of DeFi Covered by Nexus
Cover Policies Sold
# of DAO Treasuries Using Nexus
# of Nexus Embassies
wNXM Supply
Risk Assessors Staked NXM
Percentage of NXM Staked/Total Supply

Mutant Marketing Expectations

Quarterly Reviews: The initial six-months of Mutant Marketing will be necessary to establish the Hub, train team members, implement strategies, etc. After that initial six-month period, Mutant Marketing will be subject to quarterly reviews. Performance reports will be posted on the forum with measurable achievement noted using the baseline data as a reference point.
Regular Reporting: Mutant Marketing will release a monthly memo regarding the progress of the Hub.
Transparency: All communication related to Mutant Marketing will take place in Discord. All conversations will be held in the open and the wider community can ask questions or provide comments in the General channel. There will also be a biweekly Marketing Standup call that takes place on Mondays. Any community member can join and listen in to this call.

Mutant Marketing Commitment

The Nexus Hub working group system is designed to give power to Nexus Mutants. This power is granted by the community with the expectation that the actions of any Hub, or its members, propels the protocol forward and delivers value to mutual members.
Any efforts put forward by Mutant Marketing shall be done to better educate DeFi users and CeFi users. Our aim is to bring the Nexus’ cover protections to more participants in the decentralised ecosystem.
Any Nexus Mutant who joins is granted power to act as a representative of the mutual. Any abuse of that power can lead to termination from the Hub.
Without the support of our fellow Nexus Mutants, this Hub is nothing.
The only way forward is together.