List your project for protocol cover

If you would like to see your project listed on Nexus Mutual to enable our members to purchase protocol cover please fill in this form. Listing is free.

How do protocols get listed on Nexus Mutual?

Protocols are identified and review for possible listings through the following ways:
  • Nexus team identifies a protocol that meets the criteria for a listing
  • Nexus community requests a protocol is reviewed for listing and is reviewed by the team
  • A protocol that wants to get listed fills out the form included at the bottom of the section

What are the requirements for a listing?

There are many possible factors the mutual can weigh when reviewing a protocol for a potential listing.
The list below includes some general guidelines:
  • An audit of the protocol from a reputable firm
  • Soft requirement of $50m in TVL
  • Demonstrated growth in users

Is Your Protocol Interested in Being Listed on Nexus Mutual?

Protocols who would like to be evaluated for a listing can fill out the form below: