Claims History
Because Nexus Mutual is a discretionary mutual, the cover products members purchase are not the same as traditional insurance policies. When a member who holds cover suffers a material loss, they can submit their claim, which then goes through the Claims Assessment process. Members who have staked NXM can participate as Claims Assessors. Claims Assessors review submitted claims, discuss claims, and vote on whether or not to accept claims.
Ultimately, these votes are up to the Members. There is usually a community discussion in our Discord server where members share their expertise on an event and to share information.
For stats on claims check out the Nexus Mutual tracker and the Claims interface in the Nexus dApp. Lots of claims have been submitted by users testing the system. Below is the Claims History presented in greater detail. In the following sections, we outline past claims events and review the claim outcomes.

2021 Claims History

Harvest flashloans (26/10/2020)

Harvest wasn't listed on Nexus Mutual at the time of the flashloan events so there were no claims for our Claims Assessors to vote on. We did, however, write about this event and whether it would have been covered here.